Welcome to TUF BAR

TUF BAR LTD. develops and produces glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) TUF-BAR™ rebar and accessories. TUF-BAR™ rebar is a stronger, lighter alternative to conventional steel rebar. TUF-BAR™ rebar is corrosion resistant and has a life cycle of 100+ years. GFRP products, including TUF-BAR™, are specified for use in roadways, bridges, marine applications, mining and tunneling applications and specialized concrete construction.

We Are Environmentally Friendly


TUF BAR is a proud member of the Canada Green Building Council. TUF-BAR™ rebar is an environmentally friendly product and aids in the achievement of several LEED® credits in both Canada and the United States. TUF-BAR™ rebar offers a durable solution for sustainable concrete structures.